SeaWeb Consulting

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SeaWeb Consulting Srl, an Italian company located in Reggio Emilia and Rome, leverages on more than fifteen years of history, extensive expert knowledge, and multinational experience to bring you best in class designs, products, and innovative solutions.
SeaWeb Consulting with its division and groups of company (PuntoQualita, Italfog) is specialized in manufacturing, trading, design, health & safety consulting and aim to be an high professional supplier for many clients in Italy and in the rest of the world.
All SeaWeb Consulting products are designed and manufactured at premium quality and customized to customers’ needs. Its divisions are renowned for their timely delivery and their responsiveness to the changing needs of the market and their customers.SeaWeb Consulting promise to deliver the best quality products and services, is what drives SeaWeb's divisions to constantly upgrade the skills of their team through providing them with training, benchmarking with their partners both locally and internationally.